Hummingbird Nest

9 photos
This morning on the way into the office I spotted a hummingbird in a nest on a tree branch right at eye level. We had a stare down for a minute and I decided it was a craft glued to the branch because it was so tiny and motionless. After work I decided to get a picture of it with my cell phone. The bird flew out really angry at me and I snapped a photo of her perfect little nest. I got out of there fast but on second glance of this photo her nest has a few eggs in it. I returned around sunset with my camera and telephoto lens to see her still keeping her eggs warm and had a little photo shoot. She even smiled at me a few times. A week later I noticed the hummingbird was not at her nest much anymore when I walked by and one day, upon looking closer I noticed little beaks pointing out of the top of the nest. I brought my camera over and took some pictures with my arms way above my head looking down into the nest and saw babies! After work on a Friday I sat by the nest and waited a little while during sunset. Finally I saw the mother come back and was treated to watch her feed her little ones!